Monday, February 8, 2016

How to 日系-nize photo with Photoscape

It's been quite some times (or years) I have been stop using Camera360 or other mobile apps to take photo or to edit photo. Recently I downloaded 畫中畫相機 and started to play with it. One feature I like most on these applications is change the colour tone by one touch! However, when it comes to PC, I can hardly find any free application with this feature.

I never like colour edit, however, those mobile apps make it so simple that I finally think colour edit is not a bad idea. How do I can do this on my PC? I googled and found this page 如何修出日系風格相片. Based on the recommendation, I tried with Photoscape.

I normally use Canon camera, with Vivid colour setting + Fluorescent white balance setting. My photos would be very colour-"full" and "warm". I would like my photo to be in 日系 style, here's what I did.

This is the original photo. I actually don't really understand what does the colour graph mean, but... this is the original photo. :P

According to the post, the post processing steps as below :
1. Increase the brightness
2. Decrease the contrast
3. Lower the saturation
4. Increase the exposure
5. Warm colourize or blue-green colourize

I translated these to Photoscape colour edit as below :
1. Brighten the photo (probably can try increase brightness instead next time)
2. Decrease the contrast
3. Lower the saturation
4. Increase the exposure
5. Tune the temperature

Here's the result :

The post processing steps change the colour tone of the photo. However, the photo was not taken with 日系 in mind. If there are more blank area in the photo would be better. :)

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