Thursday, February 27, 2014

RCS - Revision Control System

I almost forgot about RCS! Keeping this for my future reference.

This revision control system required minimum setup. What I need is just simply to have RCS installed.

To install in Ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install rcs

To check-in your file :

ci filename

You will see a new file created in the same directory :


And you'll wondering where your file is.

To keep your file "visible", add the -u switch.

ci -u filename

To make it more organized, create a RCS directory in your working directory, so the ,v file will be stored in RCS directory.

If you are using the ci without -u switch, you can use co command to checkout the file.

co filename

To check out and lock the file for edit, use the -l switch :

co -l filename

To do a diff with your changes and the last check-in version :

rcsdiff filename

To see the log and change summary of each check-in :

rlog filename

Some screenshots for the above mentioned commands.