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Add a software instrument and record MIDI using GarageBand

Hi! I am Jonie Lim from Malaysia. This is my second week assignment for Introduction to Music Production on Coursera. I am choosing the topic to record a MIDI in DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I am using GarageBand as my DAW. I am using GarageBand 5. Yes, it is a very old version, my Macbook is currently 5 years old. :P Firstly, I am creating a test project in GarageBand. I set the Count In as the click and countoff (this is what I understand what it is). I also turned on the Metronome so I could follow the tempo of the project that I have set, which is 120. Setting the Count In and Metronome Then, I created a new track selecting Software Instrument. Creating a software instrument track I have my MIDI controller connected to my Macbook. Got this MIDI controller last year when I have a chance to go to US. Haven't work out anything from it, yet. Thanks to this course, it help me to find ways to play with this! :D Connecting MIDI controller to DAW I can sel

Type and Usage of Important Studio Cables

Hi, I am Jonie Lim from Malaysia. This is an assignment from a course that I am currently taking in Coursera, Introduction to Music Production . I will be sharing about the type and usage of some of the studio cables that normally used. I wanted to do this in video format, but I guess I would do this better as a blog post. In a more specific terminology, the word "cable" actually refer to the cord or wire that is used to connect an input device and an output device. However, what we are discussing here about the studio cables that are more focusing to the connectors that act like an interface between the cord/wire with the input/output devices. There are 2 categories of type discussed here. One is balanced cable or unbalanced cable, the other category is analog or digital cable. XLR cable XLR cable normally used for professional audio applications, such as microphones. The end points of this cable has a male and female XLR connectors, which has three pins or three