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Planning poker

I have always wanted to write about this for years. Like other old, stubborn developers, I hate process changes, and introduced to something I don't know or not familiar with. And these are not technical related to me, and I have no interest in it. Somehow, after we are forced to do this, and got familiarised with it, we started to enjoy it. We were proud of our team velocity acceleration too! I still can't differentiate or identify what scrum, agile, and bla bla bla is, but I think we did the estimation and planning right. It helps in our projects and sprints planning. You could visit Wiki's page on Planning Poker or continue to read this. I am no longer a developer, and the team dismissed long time ago. Anyway, for me to explain this easier, I will use present tense in the following. :) Our team consists of a Project Manager, a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, who is also the tech lead of the developers, 4 other developers and 2 QAs. It starts with the features o