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Last post in June. My Rails learning activity is totally stopped... Maybe to continue after I am done with my web service study. Today, I learned about Blues. My teacher asked me, how are you going to explain Blues if someone ask. I said... err... I can only recall it's from the (黑人) Negros.. It's a way to express or sing about their life. That's all. My teacher asked me to Google later, but she did explain the basic "technical" aspect of Blues. It's a 12-bar chord progression looping, and it takes only 3 chords. ||: I7 | I7 | I7 | I7 | | IV7 | IV7 | I7 | I7 | | V | IV7 | I7 | (V) :|| Writing this out making me feel like writing a code. :P Found the wiki page for Blues . It's a long long page to be digested. :|