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Object oriented concept

Have been kept this post in draft for quite some times. Not sure when I'll start with my next topic. So, I decided to post this first. Here's the first chapter, object oriented concept. Let’s go through an example before explore the object oriented jargons. Say, there is a book shelf. We have some books, a pen holder, pens, pencils, sharpener in the book shelf as illustrated below. These objects are related to each other in some ways. The bookshelf contains books, pens, pencils, pen holder and sharpener. The sharpener is used to sharpen the pencil. The pen holder holds the pens and pencils. There is variety of books in the bookshelf. How is this related to object oriented concept? Class A class is a collection of objects that has something in common. Say, we have a class of book. All books are classified in the class of book. Object Object is something real that exists. It is classified with other objects that share some common attributes into class. We can