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How to take lomo-style photo with Canon S110

I have to admit, I don't like photo post-processing. It's very time-consuming. I normally do resize, put a frame, and put some text on the photo before I post online. This is already quite a post processing steps that I have to deal with.

After I figured out how to turn the photo to 日系-style using photo post processing, I started to play with my camera to see if I can eliminate the 5-step way mentioned in How to 日系-nize photo with Photoscape.

So, this is my camera default setting under normal light photo shooting :
White balance : Fluorescent
Colour setting : Vivid
Exposure : 0

I should have taken an original setting photo... I forgot. :P

I changed these settings to :
White balance : Custom B3,M1
Colour setting : Neutral
Exposure : 0

Here's the outcome.

At this point, I actually haven't think of changing the exposure setting yet. I am quite happy with the outcome. Then I saw the +/- sign on the setting control ring. So I change the exposure to +1 and try again.


How to 日系-nize photo with Photoscape

It's been quite some times (or years) I have been stop using Camera360 or other mobile apps to take photo or to edit photo. Recently I downloaded 畫中畫相機 and started to play with it. One feature I like most on these applications is change the colour tone by one touch! However, when it comes to PC, I can hardly find any free application with this feature.

I never like colour edit, however, those mobile apps make it so simple that I finally think colour edit is not a bad idea. How do I can do this on my PC? I googled and found this page 如何修出日系風格相片. Based on the recommendation, I tried with Photoscape.

I normally use Canon camera, with Vivid colour setting + Fluorescent white balance setting. My photos would be very colour-"full" and "warm". I would like my photo to be in 日系 style, here's what I did.

This is the original photo. I actually don't really understand what does the colour graph mean, but... this is the original photo. :P

According to the post, the…